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Sublimation Printing

C & R Walne, based in Accrington, specialises in various forms of sublimation printing. We service both domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

Your Sublimation Printing Experts

Sublimation printing often known as dye sublimation printing or digital sublimation is the digital printing process in which colourful artwork is printed onto a sheet of high-release paper at first and then later transferred onto other items with the use of heat and pressure.

Sublimation printing refers to the process of printing onto a special sheet of paper and then transferring that image or text onto another material.

Sublimation printing used heat to ring to combine ink and fabric or material. A design is printed onto the paper and then transferred onto the fabric. This leaves a permanent effect that is far less prone to fading over time. It doesn’t crack, peel, fade or wash out.

Sublimation printing is commonly used for clothing such as t-shirt prints, hoodies and socks. Generally, this method of printing doesn’t work for silk, or most natural fabrics. Although this can be used for othert materials such as mugs, pens clocks, ornaments, tins and many more items.

If you are looking for a reputable sublimation printing company, give us a call today at 01254 231 384. Alternatively, why not email us or fill out our contact form one of our friendly team will be in touch soon.

For more information on the process of Sublimation Printing, whether this would be suitable for your project or details on our pricing speak to one of our friendly team.

Sublimation Printing Services

Clothing & Fabrics

Sublimation printing is a perfect method for having photo quality images or designs on clothing or fabrics required to last a long time. For example, this could be personalised gifts, uniforms, outdoor wear or merchandise. 

C&R Walne Engravers are able to supply, design and assist with the printing of bespoke designs on materials. 

Metals, Plastics & Other Materials

Sublimation printing is ideal for those who are looking to have a permanent, long-lasting design or image printing onto a hard material such as metal, wood or plastics. This could be used for bespoke branding, data plates, rating labels, control panels, legend plates, packaging & much more.

We’re able to assist with the design and printing onto a range of materials. Speak to a member of the team about your requirement for further information.

Personalised Gifts

Do you supply personalised gifts? Are you looking to have an item personalised for that special occasion? We have a range of engraving and printing options that may be suitable for you. 

Whether you’re looking for wholesale options in bulk or a one of item for that special someone. Speak to the team at C&R Walne Engravers about your requirement and we’ll be happy to help.

Quality Engravers

Dependable Engravers you can trust in Accrington.

C & R Walne Engravers Ltd can engrave on hundreds of materials to meet your business needs such as Brass, Steel, Wood, Slate, Plastic, Copper, and Titanium. We have multiple options to suit any requirement using many techniques such as lasers.


No job is too big or small. We have a hands-on team ready to complete your order in a timely and efficient manner. Our customers range from NHS to Lancashire County Council for signs and uniforms.

Do you need an item chemically etched in Lancashire?

With over 85 years of engraving experience in supplying the engineering, toolmaking, and manufacturing industries, C & R Walne Engravers Ltd can offer bespoke and expert services that you can trust.

We’re competent in working in the aerospace, defence, space automotive, communication, electronic & precision engineering industry. For more information speak to our team on 01254 231384.


There are lots of applications for Chemical Etching in a range of industries & products. For example:

Nameplates, Labels & Signs