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Sublimation Printing T-shirts

C & R Walne is your expert choice for sublimation printing t-shirts and clothing. Our specialised techniques create vibrant, long-lasting designs for a wide range of clothing.

Sublimation Printing For T-Shirts

Sublimation printing for T-shirts, often called dye sublimation or digital sublimation, is an advanced digital printing method. It starts with printing vibrant designs onto high-release paper and then transferring these designs onto t-shirts using heat and pressure.

How does it work?

Sublimation t-shirt printing begins with the initial printing of an image or text onto a specialised paper sheet. This design is then transferred onto the t-shirt material using heat and pressure.

What designs can you do?

C & R Walne’s sublimation t-shirt printing services provide a versatile platform for your designs. Whether you prefer artwork, logos, or personalised text, we can transform your concepts into stunning t-shirt designs.

If you’re looking for a reliable sublimation t-shirt printing service, get in touch with us today at 01254 231384. You can also drop us an email or fill out our contact form, and our friendly team will be quick to respond.

Sublimation Printing T Shirt Services
Sublimation Printing T Shirt Services

What You Should Know

Want to grow your understanding of sublimation printing for clothing?

We have all the insights you require to understand the advantages of sublimation printing for t-shirts!

What type of fabrics or materials are suitable for sublimation printing for t-shirts?

Sublimation t-shirt printing works most effectively on synthetic fabrics, particularly those made of polyester or polycotton blends. To achieve the best results, we suggest selecting materials with a minimum of 65% polyester content.

Benefits of printing clothing:

Sublimation printing provides a fantastic option for those looking for long-lasting designs or images on hard materials such as:

Perfect for personalised labels, nameplates, and stunning patterns on fabric, works well for:

FAQs About Sublimation Printing For Clothing

Get instant answers to common questions about our sublimation printing on clothing, covering pricing, durability, quality and more.

Is sublimation printing suitable for all types of clothing?

Sublimation printing works best with polyester or polyester-blend fabrics. It’s not compatible with natural materials like cotton. Always ensure you choose sublimation-ready clothing for the best results.

How long do sublimation prints last on clothing?

With proper care, sublimation prints on clothing can maintain their vibrancy and quality for many years. They often outlast the lifespan of the clothing items themselves.

Will sublimation prints fade or peel after washing?

Sublimation prints are known for their resistance to fading or peeling. They can endure numerous wash cycles without significant deterioration, making them ideal for textiles.

Can I print on dark-coloured clothing using sublimation?

Sublimation works best on white or light-coloured fabrics. If you need to print on dark clothing, consider alternative printing methods such as direct-to-garment (DTG) printing.

What's the difference between sublimation and traditional screen printing on clothing?

Sublimation printing offers full-colour, high-resolution prints ideal for intricate designs. Screen printing is more suitable for simple designs and larger quantities due to setup constraints.

Is sublimation printing eco-friendly for clothing production?

Sublimation printing typically uses water-based inks and doesn’t involve harsh chemicals, making it a more environmentally friendly choice for clothing decoration.

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Using laser technology, we create detailed, permanent markings and designs on a wide range of materials with precision.

Sublimation Printing

Our advanced method infuses vibrant, long-lasting designs onto various surfaces, ideal for custom apparel, merchandise, and more.

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Dye Sublimation Printing

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