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Trophy Engraving

C & R Walne excels in trophy engraving, using advanced techniques and precision to create enduring, detailed designs on a variety of awards.

High-Quality Trophy Engraving

Trophy engraving involves the time-honoured practice of etching designs onto surfaces. Our engraving products are fully customisable to meet your company’s unique requirements, ensuring a personalised and lasting touch to your trophies and awards.

How does it work?

Using cutting-edge technology like CNC, Laser, and Pantograph engraving, we etch designs onto trophy surfaces, ensuring each piece is customised to your specifications, creating lasting, personalised mementoes for your achievements.

What is the process?

It commences with the careful selection of the trophy based on size and material. The chosen design, often featuring personalised messages, names, or event details, is then readied. Prior to engraving, the trophy’s surface is cleaned to ensure the finest results.

If you’re in search of a reliable trophy engraving service, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today at 01254 231384. Alternatively, feel free to send us an email or complete our contact form and our friendly team will be in touch.

trophy engraving
trophy engraving

The Types Of Engraving

CNC Engraving

CNC engraving uses advanced machinery capable of engraving accurate designs and shapes, making it suitable for signs, housing, and detailed workpieces. It excels on flat surfaces, cutting precise grooves, and is ideal for creating large signs with bold wording and logos.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving uses laser technology to mark objects. It can induce various effects, including colour changes through chemical alteration, charring, melting, ablation, and foaming. C & R Walne Engravers Ltd utilises laser engraving for signs, logos, mapping, and more.

Pantograph Engraving

Pantograph engraving is a traditional method that duplicates plans or drawings at different scales. This technology operates independently, without reliance on computers or software. C & R Walne incorporates Pantograph engraving for various projects, serving large businesses across the UK.

Discover the versatility of engraving, perfect for creating enduring designs or inscriptions on various materials, including:

Explore the flexibility of laser engraving, an ideal choice for crafting lasting designs or inscriptions for a variety of applications, such as:

FAQs About Trophy Engraving

Get instant answers to common queries about our trophy engraving services, answering all of the questions you may have.

How is trophy engraving accomplished?

Trophy engraving is efficiently achieved through laser technology, known for its precision and speed. This method is not only cost-effective but also ideal for flat surfaces, such as trophy bases.

What are the downsides of engraving?

Drawbacks of mechanical engraving. Limited intricacy: Processing small details can be challenging. Wear and tear: The milling head undergoes wear and requires regular replacement. Clamping necessity: Mechanical engraving demands the workpiece to be securely clamped.

Should polishing precede or follow engraving?

It’s advisable to complete the engraving after polishing the part, as engraving letters have some height, and the reference plane should align horizontally (0,0). This alignment is achievable through polishing.

Is engraving reversible?

Engraving removal involves laser treatment in the inscription area to level the metal’s texture. After the laser engraving removal, the ring undergoes polishing to restore a smooth, unmarked surface.

Our Range Of Services

Our services at C & R Walne Engravers are tailored to meet your unique needs, offering precision and creativity across a spectrum of solutions.

Chemical Etching

Our chemical-based process engraves designs and markings on a variety of materials with high accuracy.

Laser Engraving

Using laser technology, we create detailed, permanent markings and designs on a wide range of materials with precision.

Sublimation Printing

Our advanced method infuses vibrant, long-lasting designs onto various surfaces, ideal for custom apparel, merchandise, and more.

Other Services

From laser engraving to creating custom panels we offer versatile solutions to meet your needs.

trophy engraving

Ready To Speak To An Expert?

If you require personalised trophies or general laser engraving, we’ve got the skills and expertise for high-quality solutions. For more information, contact our friendly team at 01254 231384 or email us at